June Photos

Forgot to finish posting this album. I was working on it on 2 machines and left half the pictures on the PC I haven’t worked on in a while. Oh well better late than never.

The Clash JFK Stadium Philadelphia 25 September 1982

I was there! Holy Cow. Now that’s a great memory!

Hooters went on in the morning, then Santana, then the Clash, and the Who went on around 3:45 or so in the afternoon. About 100,000 people in crammed in there, in the sun, all dying to see the Who “one last time” (it was the only Philly show on the Farewell Tour). The Hooters were local faves, but the sound for Santana sucked – the vocals would drop, then the guitar would drop, etc.
So when the Clash came on, everyone was hot, sunburned, and drunk… And started throwing lots of shit on stage and at the band. And their sound was terrible. JFK was not a good place for shows to begin with, but the band had their self-loathing “We’ve sold out vibe” frothing with their “We ARE the only band that matters” swagger, and it just really hit the crowd poorly.

It didn’t help that they were the only thing between the crowd and the Who, either. So folks started booing. I don’t know if it was a shorter set than usual, but other than “Rock the Casbah”, no one was buying it. And of course the push toward the stage didn’t help matters, either. It was gloriously fucked. I wish I’d been able to see them in a smaller venue, but that was my only Clash show.

I actually liked both bands. I never did understand what The Who fans had against The Clash. And my band plays both now anyway. 


The Clash JFK Stadium Philadelphia 25 September 1982