A Trip to the Park

Trent and I made a little canoe trip at the local park. Mom was down the shore with her friend Sherry, so Trent and I had the afternoon on our own. So we took a canoe out, then ate lunch at Lonestar (kids eat free ’til 4pm Saturdays), and then I got a haircut. And then we went swimming and then we had a Barbecue dinner – hamburgers, hot dogs and pork chops. Mmm. Good.


 *Sigh* alas, ’tis true. Philadelphia fans are notoriously second. Or last. Or whatever. We don’t win is the point.

We got to the Super Bowl – twice – and lost both times. We were in the World Series in ’93 (we lost, in case you’re keeping track). Our Sixers valiantly won a single game against the Lakers  – who otherwise went undefeated – in the  NBA finals in 2000.

In ’97 our Fly Guys were swept in the Stanley Cup finals. In ’87 the Flyers took the mighty Edmonton Oilers – those of Gretzky/ Messier vintage – to seven games before bowing out.

And on an on it goes. An so now, the Phillies are ready for their own special, crowning contribution to our pantheon of loserness – 10,000 losses. And, naturally, we have a fan dedicated enough to build a website to this glorious … hold on, I’m looking up “boondoggle” to see if it’s really appropriate … and …

Main Entry:boon·dog·gle
Pronunciation: 'bün-"dä-g&l, -"do-
Function: noun
Etymology: coined by Robert H. Link died 1957 American scoutmaster
1 : a braided cord worn by Boy Scouts as a neckerchief slide, hatband, or ornament
2 : a wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft

— source: http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/boondoggle

A “wasteful or impractical project or activity often involving graft,” indeed. Has a more exact description of the state of Philadelphia sport ever been uttered? The shock of recognition was so profound, I did drop my bottle of vermouth. In any case, someone has taken up the cause. At the appropriately named http://www.celebrate10000.com :

Welcome to Celebrate 10,000 – the site that celebrates a crowning achievement in baseball history. This year, the Philadelphia Phillies are poised to accomplish what no other team in professional sports history has before: 10,000 losses.

Not only is Philadelphia home to the franchise that has lost the most games in any sport, it’s also the city (with four major sports teams) that’s gone the longest without a championship.

That’s right. We are easily the loser-est city in the U.S. Remember, even Rocky lost. And we have a statue of him sitting down at the sports complex.

Try a Google search for “losingest franchise,” and I dunno if “losingest” is really a word or not, but the first seven hits are Phillies-related. The eighth was something about “asshole,” “Cleveland,” and “Detroit.”

I rest my case. Or at least my animosity towards my own sports teams. My favorite dog was a mutt, too, and never won anything either. We still had some great afternoons until we had to put her down.

Not that I’m saying we should put our … well, gotta go. The game’s on.

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