Twitter Updates for 2007-07-29

  • acoustic jam tonight whoot! Lovin’ it. Haven’t explored this aspect with the band. Add this and we instantly have 40 more songs. #
  • Nice jam time for a smoke and bed I think. #
  • Ahh bed-time. Zzzz. #
  • Cleaning up the Studio. #

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Which Hobby Best Suits Your Personality

This morning I took this “Which Hobby Suits Your Personality” quiz over at CNN.

On my first try, it said I had a “tie between two personality types!” I wonder what that says about me? Split personality, perhaps? It told me to revisit my answers.

I did revisit my answers. I went straight after the only question that had given me pause: “Your Favorite Web Site is.” On the first pass I selected Not because I like it, but of the choices presented, I visit ESPN most often.

Side Note: I’m trying to break myself of that habit by using, for example, FoxSports, cnnSI and my local papers. However, ESPN does have Len Pasquarelli, one of the better football writers in the country.

The only other choice that stood out to me was I thought about it and changed my answer to Blogger. It struck me as being a little disingenuous at first. My favorite sites (maybe The Onion? Or some other site that flashed briefly through my mind which I immediately forgot and if I remember later on I’ll come back and put back into this post) hadn’t been mentioned, though; of the remaining choices, I liked the idea of Blogger best.

The tie was broken and I got my answer:

You have a gift for expression. Whether it’s writing, drawing, creating objets d’art or making music, you see the world in a unique way and are able to convey that to other people. No doubt you doodle on napkins and meeting notes, are always humming a new tune, have already read the latest fiction releases, and know all the local art galleries’ schedules by heart. You might like hobbies like sketching, photography, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing, journaling, scrap-booking or designing clothing.

Not content with not knowing what my “other” personality type was, I re-selected ESPN and then changed my preferred television show from “Biography” to “National Geographic Explorer” (both of which I do enjoy). I was then labeled a “Discovery” personality type. The description read, in part, “Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s what makes you tick.”

Seems like a pretty valid self-assessment overall. Try the test and let me know!