When Will Kevin Kolb Take Over?

 From Les Bowen’s philly.com column today:

Kolb is signed for 4 years. But if McNabb misses significant time, as he has in three of the past five seasons, and he doesn’t lead the Eagles to that elusive Super Bowl trophy, well, even though McNabb also is signed for 4 more years, the amortization of his signing bonus ends after 2008. That would make the cap hit for trading him less than daunting.

So the answer (barring injuries of course) is: 2009.  If injuries don’t force the Eagles’ hand – and I hope they don’t – the salary cap and age will. The 2008 season will be McNabb’s 11th, and as Mr. Bowen points out, the last year his signing bonus will be counted against the salary cap.

Assuming Kolb proves himself, he’ll be the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles no later than opening day of the 2009 season, a few weeks after his 25th birthday. 

Floyd Reese, former General Manager of the Oilers/ Titans – and the man whose first draft in that capacity yielded Steve McNair, and whose last produced Vince Young – has a good article over at ESPN in re: the importance of the quarterback position.

The quarterback position is more important to a football team than any other position is to its respective team sport…  the focus on the quarterback, and the necessity for each franchise to have a healthy and successful player at the position, is always a top priority. Generally, a franchise does not even consider replacing its quarterback unless it is convinced he has poor leadership skills, is hurt or too old or he can’t consistently win football games.

Here’s hoping Donovan holds the kid off by winning 3 consecutive Super Bowls. But if he doesn’t, here’s hoping the Kid uses the time to prepare himself. Philadelphia can be a tough crowd.


Source: Kolb a quick understudy | Daily News | 08/06/2007

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