Twitter Updates for 2008-08-28

  • Still trying to work on I’d like get a good image of a night shot using the rear view camera. #
  • @garyvee in re: favorite thing I’ve said this year here ya go: #
  • Perusing CVS tree to figure out what / when was the last change I made to the Sales Order backend. #
  • Let’s get this highly modified osCommerce backend into the hands of its users; namely Adam. #
  • @garyvee I’m an Eagles fan. Should be plenty of nothing to talk about in this game. #
  • Lunch with Mr. Zeckhausen of Zeckhausen Racing at Jose Tejas, Fairfield, NJ #
  • ftp! Why do you vex me so! “ftp: u: unknown option” I did not give you that option! #

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