Twitter Updates for 2008-08-21

  • Thinking about how neat twitter is, and wonder why on earth I’m tweeting at all. Sure, I have followers, but 1 of them is Ellio’s Pizza. #
  • Scouring craigslist for a MusicMan StingRay. 4 string, please. 5 string under duress. #
  • Going to embed some video for our Rear View Camera System site. I’ve written a class for osCommerce to do it, so shouldn’t be too difficult. #
  • Plugging in a surveymonkey thingie onto Chance for 2 people to win $100 gift certificates. That’s neat. #
  • Am I alone in this SlimTimer weirdness over the last half hour or so? #
  • Installing QuarkExpress 8 Demo to see its Flash/ HTML export capabilities. And they’re greyed out. Let’s try a different computer. #

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