A new Bass in the Family

Traded in my Line6 Variax bass (and PodXT Live) for cash money to put towards a MusicMan StingRay. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, but I figured I’d

2006 Limited Edition MusicMan StingRay (Click for Comically Large Image)

see what’s floating around used. I found one green 4 string at Guitar Center that had a nice big chunk out of it. That appealed to me. Ever since I chipped the finish off my very first brand new guitar (I was 14), I figure it’s better to get it pre-damaged, so I don’ t have to go through the heartache of damaging it myself.

The salesman said “have a look at that one behind you.” And there she was. A Limited Edition 2006 MusicMan StingRay. Not the 30th anniversary edition, by the way. They had one of those, too, and it was so beat to crap I felt bad for it.

Here’s a slideshow of the current family. My Dad dislikes my lil’ clam shell pink MusicMaster, but that’s just because he doesn’t play. It’s a shortscale and it’s tons of fun to play. Besides, I want to start teaching Trent, so that bass is pretty ideal.

Anyway, back to the MusicMan. I wrote Ernie Ball to see if they could supply any further information on it based on its serial number. AJ wrote back the next day:


Thanks for playing Music Man! Your bass was completed on 01/05/2007. It
was probably one of the last Stingrays we did in that color as it was a
2006 limited edition. We don’t have any more literature on that Limited
Edition line. They were all black with rosewood fretboards and gold
hardware. It was the first time we’d ever done gold hardware (we’ve only
used gold hardware once more since then).

I hope this helps!

And wow does it play and sound great. Holy smokes! Here’s a slideshow of the Bass Family as it stands … for the moment.

You can click on any picture to see the larger higher resolution image.