Request Tracker 3.8.0 vs. MXWest

This was an upgrade – well, no, upgrade and move (to another server) – that actually went fairly well. I was able to download the latest version, and export my “old” (RT 3.4.x) database, re-import and upgrade it.

The trick, it seemed, was to use mysqldump instead of phpMyAdmin. Oh, that and also to do increase /etc/my.cnf to increase “max_allowed_packet.” 

I’m pretty impressed with 3.8.0. There’s a lot to recommend it, not least of which is the configurable “Quick Search” which let’s me choose which statuses (statii?) I want to see. “stalled” is a big deal to me. I like being able to quickly see what’s stalled. In my world, that means “something is needed from someone external to us, and until we get it, we stalled.” Being able to see what’s there quickly lets me know who I need to start e-mail-ing or otherwise start annoying to Get Things Done.

The new web2 theme is very nice, but I did go in and change the default font from Helvetica to Arial. Much nicer presentation under Google Chrome (and IE8 and FF3, in my opinion). The Helvetica default is, I guess, a nod to the Mighty Open Sourcers using a Linux desktop, but it does not render well at all on any of my Windows machines.

If you need any help, drop me a line. Request Tracker is a deep, powerful package, capable of Mighty Transformations to Your Business.

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