Request Tracker 3.8.0 web2 Theme: Arial vs. Helvetica

Jesse Vincent dropped a comment on yesterday’s post Request Tracker 3.8.0 vs. MXWest, asking for a screenshot of the difference in appearance I observed between the Helvetica and Arial fonts under Windows.

I really should have included a shot in the original post, but I was tired. Anyway, here’s a cropped zoom of the differences.

At smaller sizes, helvetica degrades a bit I think. At larger sizes, Arial starts getting a little jagged.  Below you’ll find fuller screenshots. Click through for full size.


Request Tracker 3.8.0, using "arial" in css/web2/layout.css >> body
Request Tracker 3.8.0, Arial


Request Tracker 3.8.0, Helvetica
Request Tracker 3.8.0, Helvetica

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