Twitter Updates for 2008-09-23

  • working with the subtleties of INNER JOIN #
  • Applying an ajax style shopping cart on top of the output from for Quark Express 8 – all of which in turn is sitting on top of osCommerce #
  • Tweaking thickbox.css (from for a few commerce sites. #
  • Yahoo developer page for web site optimization. I’m sure it’s made the rounds before, but it’s real handy: #
  • During SMF upgrade to 1.1.6 "ALTER TABLE smf_smileys ORDER BY LENGTH(code) DESC;" not working, solutions here: http://tinyurl. … #
  • Upgrade from SMF 1.1.3 to 1.1.6 via webinstall. Hey, that was painless let’s jump the chasm and betagrade to 2.0 Beta 4. Nice installer. #
  • Glutton for punishment today; upgrading RT from 3.8.0 to 3.8.1. But it went pretty well. Usually does when following instructions. #

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RT 3.8.1 Upgrade from RT 3.8.0 one small problem

The Request Tracker 3.8.1 upgrade from 3.8.0 went very well, only 1 small glitch. 

Although I did follow the various make testdeps and make fixdeps, I still ended up with a missing module. Once signed in, under Preferences->About Me, I blew it up:

Error during compilation of
Can't locate object method "instance"
via package "DateTime::TimeZone::Africa::Abidjan"

It’s quite likely that this problem was my own fault. Maybe I missed something in my previous upgrade – which was a substantial step up. That is, I’m no 100% certain I looked at Preferences->About Me in 3.8.0! Anyway, a quick install of the mentioned modules did the trick:

cpan> install DateTime::TimeZone

And all is well!