Magento – disable sidebar cart, tags and newsletter

Magento is a really wonderful commerce package and I look forward to its continued improvement. 

The site I’m building does not wish to display the “Newsletter,” “Tags,” or the “My Cart” sidebar. Just as I was getting ready to delve into my templates, I thought better of it and Google’d and sure enough: it’s a lot easier than that.

From your admin panel, simply go to System->Advanced. There you’ll find a wealth of advanced features you can enable or disable. In my case, I disabled:

  • Mage_Newsletter: this shows the newsletter subscription box. I disabled it because we’re not ready to do anything with it yet.
  • Mage_Tag: the tagging feature is slick, but until we have a strategy to make it useful, I’d just as soon disable it for the time being.

Now, to not display the shopping card sidebar, I had to go somewhere else. From System->Advanced, select Checkout (it’s under the Sales heading). Shopping Cart Sidebar is a Yes/ No drop Down.

The way my brain works, I would have expected the side cart display feature to be in the same place as the Newsletter and Tag features. As I wrote this, I’d (successfully) disabled the cart and went on a hunt to find the newsletter and tag features. By then I’d completely forgotten where the darn switch was for the My Cart sidebar!

And thus we blog.