Google Apps Spreadsheets and Magento: (Nearly) Perfect Together

A quick dash this evening on a pretty amazing – well, discovery isn’t quite the right word: I knew Google Apps Spreadsheets were supposed to work this way. My superstitious code mind just didn’t think it really would. But guess what?

It did and does.

I’d written a program to export product from our warehousing system into a cvs file suitable for consumption by Magento. Problem was, there were lots of little twists and turns that needed every so subtle adjustment. But sheesh, I couldn’t just send Jason off on 2,925 items. Or really even split them very effectively between me, Dave and Jason, because scores of items were OK as-is. Plus we had questions amongst ourselves about what was good and what wasn’t.

Enter – or rather upload – to Google Apps spreadsheets. Yup, 3 people editing the same sheet at the same time, real time, with a handy chat feature (and GoogleTalk as well, if only Jason and Dave also had a microphone and webcam!).

Whipped through everything in no time flat.

OK, I know it’s supposed to work that way. But still: what a tremendous relief to have other people see and understand that you don’t need to send spreadsheets flying through the Internet!

Oh, and it’s nice you can all work on it at the same time, too.

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