NFL Week 2 Picks – Monday Night Edition (Oops).

Sunday Recap

Oops. Forgot to pick the Monday night game last time out. Hmm. Got slapped around pretty good yesterday, 6-8-1 against the spread (Houston -3 @ Washington a push).

The spread gremlins were hard at work against me. How else to explain the Eagles being up 35-17 with just over 6 minutes left? Or Al Davis going to all that trouble to get Jason Campbell into Raider Black only to replace him with Bruce Gradkowski and win efficiently? Of course, I only have myself to blame for buying into the hype and hallucinating that the Cowboys are Super Bowl bound.

The Foosball Wizard punished my insolence for Fearing the Pats, something I shall ne’er do again. Conversely, neither one of us will have many good things to say about Arizona this week.

And what of the Vikings? Chris “Mad Dog” Russo said something last week to the effect that Brett Favre is going to be great right up until he’s not. Can they regroup? Or was last year as good as it’s going to get for the current Vikes regime?

Speaking of words that start with “V,” how about Michael Vick? Another Very Good Performance. And St. Reid went on record as saying that even though Kolb is his starter, we are going to see a lot more of Vick this year than we saw last year. Does this mean Kolb is the Wildcat Option?

Blackout Watch

Through Sunday, Sept. 19: 3 – TB week 1, SD and Oakland this past weekend. The NFL may be punished for its own insolence. But more on that later.

Tonight’s Pick

My analytical work for the 2010 season consisted of reading the Onion’s Season Preview. They tagged the 49ers weakness as “Whatever head coach Mike Singletary is thinking at any given moment.” He went out and said what he was thinking last week:

“I believe in our country, in society, the saddest thing has happened. One thing that I want to teach our guys is to be men. If there’s something that you have to say, go say it, and say that you said it. But don’t go say a bunch of stuff, ‘But don’t tell him I said it.’ To me, that’s a rat, that’s a coward, so those things I can’t spend my time on.” (Source: ).

I wish him luck in that endeavor, and admire him for it. Sadly, men or no men, they have a football game tonight against the defending Super Bowl Champions. Sure, the Niners are media darlings to win the NFC West, but they could go 6-10 and win that division. Tonight’s 1 of the 10.

New Orleans -5 over SF.

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