NFL Week 8 Picks

Today, the NFL features a game in London. England. Why? Heck knows, but those in the know seem to think an NFL franchise is going to move there sooner rather than later. Minnesota? Jacksonville? Buffalo? (See also: Pro Football Talk Week 8 Mailbag).


  • Denver +2½ over SF (At London) SF is the "Home" team. Which is probabaly a relief to 49er fans. Further proof the NFL is contemptuous of its fans.
  • Jacksonville +6½ at DALLAS. I’ve taking Jax and points all year, and been getting burned. Stockholm Syndrome? The crowd will have plenty to talk about, such as who’ll be replacing Wade "Norv Turner" Phillips at the end of the year. Or end of the game, perhaps.
  • DETROIT – 2½ over Washington. Stafford returns to a pretty good Detroit offense.
  • NY JETS -6 over GB.
  • ST. LOUIS -2 over Carolina. Shame to see John Fox go out like this, but it’s partly his own doing.
  • MIAMI +1 over Cincinnati. I don’t like the Bengals at all.
  • Buffalo +7 over KANSAS CITY. The Bills are bound to cover some time. And maybe even win.
  • 4pm

  • Tennessee +4 over SAN DIEGO. The Eagles wrote up the game plan last week. Can the Chargers execute it? Let’s see if Norv "Wade Phillips" Turner watched the tape.
  • ARIZONA -3 over Tampa Bay. Coaching will help the Cardinals? I guess?
  • OAKLAND -2½ over Seattle.
  • NEW ENGLAND +5½ over Minnesota. This is going to be a great game according to the National Media, because they are a bunch of gossip columnists.

Sunday Night

  • Pittsburgh +1 over NO. Basically a pick ’em, but the Saints just don’t seem right.

Monday Night

  • Houston +5½ over INDIANAPOLIS. This is an "I think they’ll keep it close" kind of pick.


More Fan Contempt: six cities get to Not Care about football this week.

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • NYG
  • Philadelphia

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