NFL Week 10 Picks

The Wade Phillips era in Dallas is over. A 1-7 start for a near-Unanimous Super Bowl Contender will do that to a coach. They can’t, as they old saying goes, Fire The Players. They can lock them out, though, and that seems to be likely for at least September next year.

At least I’ll have my Division III Rowan football next year – and hopefully a bit more this year. After yesterday’s win, they’re 8-1, one of the "2010 NJAC Tri-Champions" along with Montclair and SUNY Cortland. SUNY got the automatic bid (depsite having lost to Rowan head to head) to the Tournament. Montclair and Rowan will be considered for at-large berths. The field will be announced today, Sunday, on ESPN News at 3PM.

Yes, you can have a playoff for college football. The NCAA awards 88 championships in 23 sports. There’s only 1 champion it doesn’t crown – Division I-A football (Austin Murphy and Dan Wetzel, "Does it Matter?", Sports Illustrated, (November 15, 2010): 44). Why? My guess is: follow the money trail.


  • INDIANAPOLIS -7 over Cincinnati. Colts are dinged, but they’re good at home and surely better than the now- back- to- form Bungles.
  • JACKSONSVILLE -1½ over Houston. 4-4, time for my annual give-up on the Texans routine.
  • MIAMI PICK’EM over Tennessee. Go Chad! By Chad I mean Pennington! Makes Zero Sense to start Pennington unless they’re in it to win it.
  • CHICAGO +1 over Minnesota. The Foosball Wizard alerted us to this Festivus-related item about the Vikings. According to the report, Childress "doesn’t have our backs" (whatever that means). I guess the wittle Vikings have all their wittle feelings hurt. Awwwww.
  • BUFFALO -2 over Detroit. The Lions successfully defend their pristine 0-16 season.
  • NY Jets -3 over CLEVELAND. Mangini used up all of his trick plays last week.
  • TAMPA BAY -7 over Carolina. Oh my. Carolina may not win a game again until 2012.


  • Kansas City -1 over DENVER. Tim Tebow. How was he supposed to help the Broncos again? Perhaps Mr. T can appeal to a higher power.
  • St. Louis +5½ over SAN FRANCISCO. I find nothing to recommend the 49ers. I am secretly (well, I was until I wrote that) hoping that the Rams finish 10-6 to save face for the NFL West. And for the entire NFL, for that matter.
  • ARIZONA -3½ over Seattle. I see no reason to ever pick Seattle again this season. Unless they’re playing the 49ers again at home.
  • Dallas +12½ over NY Giants. I just suspect that Cowboys will hang around 10 points out or so, just a little spark from The Firing.

Sunday Night

  • New England +5 over PITTSBURGH. Pats almost always win in Pittsburgh of late. I think they can stay within 5.

Monday Night


And that’s it for the bye weeks this year, folks. Everyone will have played 9 games by the end of Monday night’s game. Sorry I forgot there was a game Thursday because I didn’t care. Chicago plays at Miami this Thursday (Nov. 18). That worries me a little – The Bears get a long rest to prepare for a home game against the Eagles the following Sunday.

  • Green Bay
  • New Orleans
  • Oakland
  • San Diego

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