NFL Week 11 Thursday Night Special

Had a good Sunday – and a Great Monday – last week. Dallas hardly needed those 12½ points they were getting from the Giants. Which brings us to Thursday, which is too early for NFL football, which should start Thanksgiving Thursday. But I understand: there’s no end to the NFL’s greed.

And Rowan got jobbed! No at-large bid for them to the Division III NCAA Playoffs. Well, that’s how the rules work, so tough crap, I guess.


  • MIAMI -2½ over Chicago. Something is weird here. Why is Tyler "I’m not Chad" Thigpen a 2½ point favorite? What am I missing?

    Well this is interesting. Jay Cutler on Turf has a 104.9 rating. 5 TDs against 1INT. A gaudy 65.7% completion percentage.

    But look at this: on Grass, our Man Cutler is completing 59.9% of his passes – that’s not terrible, but that’s a sizeable drop-off. But his passer rating plummets to 78.8. Sure he’s got 7TDs – but he’s thrown 8 INTs, too.

    And that hasn’t been just this year, either. In 2009 – a disaster by any measure – his completion percentage was again a full 6 points lower on grass.

    So there you have it. Because Jay Cutler doesn’t play well on grass, I think he’ll throw 4 INTs and the Dolphins will somehow wildcat their way to a win.