NFL Week 11 Picks

Here we are in the home stretch. Or, at least, the second half. The injury lists could fill a museum – and the NFL wants an 18 games schedule. Brian St. Pierre is starting a professional football game, people. What has this league come to?

Certainly not its senses.


  • Oakland +7 over PITTSBURGH. I dunno why, I’m just guessing like everyone else.
  • NY JETS -6½ over Houston’s Annual Swoon Platoon.
  • Baltimore -13 over CAROLINA. See also: Brian St. Pierre. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a fan from the stands at QB by the third quarter.
  • TENNESSE -7 over Washington. Perhaps you feel McNabb is due to Break Out. Perhaps you think the Skins Defense will show up this week. Perhaps you are a fool.
  • DALLAS -6 over Detroit. It is no small measure of the Lions’ Miserable History that this season feels like a success. They are 2-7 people. The Cowboys are a Monstrous Disaster at 2-7. Jon Kitna’s Revenge? Really? It’s come to this? Wow.
  • MINNESOTA +3 over Green Bay and Favre retires, fading into the sunset. No, wait. Somebody told him the Vikings play Washington next week. He’ll be back.
  • Buffalo +4½ over CINCINATTI on General Principle. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a far better TD-INT ratio than Carson Palmer, and a better QB rating. Of course, the Bungles have one more win than 1-8 Buffalo.

    This Man will Win an NFL Game Today
  • JACKSONVILLE -2½ over Cleveland. Just keep handing off to MJD, baby.
  • KANSAS CITY -7½ over Arizona. That Super Bowl mirage a few years ago? That was about it, Cardinal fan. Back to the basement with you.


  • NEW ORLEANS -11½ over Seattle. Man Seattle is an annoying team.
  • Atlanta -3½ over ST. LOUIS. Atlanta just might be a real good team.
  • Tampa Bay +3½ over SAN FRANCISCO. No way the Niners luck out again this week, right?.
  • NEW ENGLAND -4 over Indianapolis. Closer line than I thought.

Sunday Night

  • PHILADELPHIA -3½ over NY Giants. Basically, the same small hope I held out last week I am carrying into this week.

Monday Night

  • Denver +9½ over SAN DIEGO. I have no clue as to either team, and neither do their coaches.

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