Why The NHL Is Better Than The NFL, Peter “Phumpher” King Edition

Peter “uh, you know, uh, eh, uh, I would say this, uh, you know, uh” King writes in his column today that he’s received a lot of email to the effect that readers “hate Big Ben and think he had it coming.” To wit:

You know what? I have no problem with what Richard Seymour did. I don’t know what Ben Roethlisberger was doing, and I don’t care. He just ran right up into Seymour’s face, which I don’t believe he had any business doing, and Seymour had him take a seat, pretty much like he deserved. My question: Will the league take Roethlisberger’s taunting action into account when they determine Seymour’s punishment?

To which King responded that this is preposterous, etc.

In hockey, if a guy starts yapping and gets in your face, you drop your gloves, punch him, and go sit in the penalty box for 5 minutes.

So hockey is better because you don’t have to hear Peter “Phumpher” King pontificate about a stupid incident like this.

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