Week 13 NFL Picks

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Today’s interesting tidbit: the San Diego Chargers – currently 6-5 and in 2nd place in the AFC West – check in as 6-1 favorites to win Super Bowl 45. That’s tied with Atlanta, behind only the Patriots (at 9 to 2). If the playoffs started today, the Chargers wouldn’t make it – they’re seventh in the conference.

It’s hard to argue against the betting public here. Since losing by 3 to the Patriots way back on week 7, the Chargers have won 4 straight, scoring 133 points and giving up 76. Their remaining schedule: Raiders, Chiefs and 49ers – all at home. They close out on the road with games at – oh brother – the Bungles and at Denver.


  • Buffalo -5 over MINNESOTA. The Bills are playing tough, if occassionaly blasphemous, football.
  • MIAMI -5½ over Cleveland. The Browns are a spunky bunch, but they’re young, and young teams don’t win much on the road.

    "I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND IS THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!!"
  • Jacksonsville +3 over TENNESSEE. Let the Rusty Smith Era End! Jax is on top of the AFC North, and this is a Great Test for them. Terrible loss at NY Giants last week.
  • KANSAS CITY -8½ over Denver. The “handshake” game is about as exciting as it was ever gonna get for the Broncos this year.
  • Washington +7 over NY GIANTS. The Skins aren’t awful on the road, and the Giants do everything they can to lose games and somehow bungle their way to wins.
  • DETROIT +5 over Chicago. OK, I got beat badly taking the Lions and the points on Thanksgiving Day.
  • GREEN BAY -9 San Franciso.
  • New Orleans -6½ over CINCINNATI. Only 6½? Drew Brees isn’t dead is he?


  • TAMPA BAY +3 over Atlanta. The Young Bucs have only last badly twice this year. I think they’ll keep this division game close.
  • San Diego -13 over Oakland. Oh dear, this could get ugly.
  • SEATTLE -4½ over Carolina. Remember I said I could never take Seattle again this season? Oops. I forget the Panther Rule – the Panthers may not win a game again until 2012.
  • Dallas +5½ over INDIANAPOLIS. The Cowboys are no Chargers, but the Colts are no Colts any more. I don’t think they can run away from the Cowboys.
  • St. Louis -3 over ARIZONA. There’s nothing really to say about this game.

Sunday Night

  • BALTIMORE -3 over Pittsburgh. Baltimore is unbeaten at home. This is a tough game, but I think a close one. Looking for trends? Me either.

Monday Night

  • NY Jets +3½ over NEW ENGLAND. Remember last Monday? No? SF played Arizona? Derek Anderson went off on a rant? No? Nothing?

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