Week 15 NFL Picks

Mike “Jerk or Genius” Shanahan Edition

I suppose the only way you can get rid of both Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman at the end of 2010 is to throw McNabb under the bus, and then to let Grossman actually play. Shanahan was “honest” to a fault when explaining the decision to bascially run over McNabb 4 or 5 times with several buses. No one can explain Mike’s letting Rex Grossman play in an NFL game.

The Real Winner: Andy Reid

Asked for an explanation, Shanahan turned to an impenetrable form of double (possibly triple) talk:

“I think there’s a lot of mistakes that you make. You really don’t know if you made a mistake, but if you do make one, you make it and you go on. What I want to do is evaluate where we’re at at the end of the season, then I will tell you if we erred or not.” (From ESPN).

You said it, Mike. That pretty much sums up the Washington Redskins under Daniel Snyder.


  • ST. LOUIS -3 over Kansas City. *Shrug* someone has to win.
  • Houston +2 over TENNESSEE. Maybe Jeff Fisher can coach the Broncos into obscurity next year.
  • Jacksonville +4 over INDIANAPOLIS. MJD, MJD, MJD. There. Now try to stop him.
  • Arizona +2½ over CAROLINA. The Panthers are listed as the favorite! Oh I see, they’re playing the Cardinals.
  • Clevlaned PICK EM over Cincinnati. I hate the Bungle. I hope their rebuilding process includes new team colors, uniform design and name.
  • Buffalo +5½ over MIAMI. Yeah, I think Miami will win. 9-6.
  • Philadelphia +3 over NY GIANTS. Giants turn the ball over too much, the Eagles take it away even more. Until that formula changes, I like the Eagles.
  • Dallas -9 over WASHINGTON. The Redskins are the worst organization in football. Not even the Bengals have Bungled everything as badly as Washington has.
  • TAMPA BAY -4 over Detroit. I like this Tampa team, and it starts with their quarterback.
  • New Orleans +2 over Baltimore. I don’t believe in the Ravens.


  • SEATTLE +6 over Atlanta. Maybe the Seattle Schizophrenics keep it close.
  • PITTSBURGH -4 over NY JETS. Woe to thee Mark Sanchez, why did you pick now to start doubting yourself?
  • OAKLAND -8 over Denver. Can you imagine the grin on Al Davis’ face if the Raider win 59-14 again?

Sunday Night

  • NEW ENGLAND -14 over Green Bay. I think Green Bay is going to fall out of playoff contention.

Monday Night

  • Chicago -7½ over MINNESOTA. *Yawn* Everybody’s whining about the Field, the Field Conditions, potential for injury, lack of luxury suites, etc.

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