Twitter Updates for 2008-07-21

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From a Technophile point of view, things are indeed getting interesting.

Looks like – at least from a technology point of view – there are fewer and fewer distinctions between “cellphone”, “PDA” and “Pocket PC”. Slap MP3 and MPEG CODECS into a miniature device that can do CDMA, WiMax and USB and “convergence” is here with a vengeance.

We now see devices with ability to make calls/ stream music/ stream Videos over either wireless cellular or WiMax/IP either one (even both at the same time). This makes for devices that can WiMax/IP when possible, CDMA and friends when forced to: the only missing piece being wireless cellular providers being so protective of what kind of IP they’ll let through.

If this catches on/ takes off I suspect it will trigger interesting political/ business battles-royal between VoIP interests and wireless cellular interests. So much so I suspect that there’s probably less than a 50-50 chance it will ever happen (just as there probably less than a 50-50 chance of *AA letting go of DRM/ portability blockers).

Which really irks my technophile bones! Notice there are very, very few articles that point this out despite all the other stuff written about the iPhone and Nokia’s equivalents. First Nokia, then the iPhone, now this from “the gorilla”:

The Smartphone is now “Standard,” the Pocket PC is now “Classic,” and the Phone Edition is now “Professional.”

Link to Geek News – First Impressions: Windows Mobile 6