Some Band Pictures from the Delran Relay For Life

A few pictures from May 29th, at the Delran Relay for Life. It was extremely hot and humid under the tent – I went through 1.5 liters of water – for each of 2 sets! We had a great time, and our team exceeded our fundraising goal.

Michael J’s 2009 Prom Pics

It’s about time I got around to posting these! Click through to the main Picasa album to get these photos as ordinary prints, or on  T-Shirts, mugs, beach towels, pool liners, your Popeil pocket wasp and hornet teaser, etc.

My Last Polaroid Picture?

Grandmom K loved her Polaroid. I remember the little photo- album- on- a- stand in which she placed all her pictures. Every one labeled on that extra white space at the bottom. Everything from birthday parties, to family picnics, to Grandpop’s 60 plus pound Red Drums he’d catch off Altantic City.

Polaroid pictures look like memories. They’re a bit softened, or misty – not just stuck in time, but alive in time. They immediately take on a look that my memories take on over time.

So here’s Trent, a Polaroid taken on Saturday, at the town Easter Egg Hunt. After that is an image taken with my Digital SLR. That is, a Polaroid of Trent, and then a picture of Trent having his picture taken.

Last Polaroid? Trent, Easter 2009
Last Polaroid? Trent, Easter 2009

And this picture from my DSLR:

A Picture of Trent Having His Picture Taken
A Picture of Trent Having His Picture Taken

I think Grandmom would have loved both pictures. But I think she’d keep the Polaroid.

And I wish I had a few more Polaroids of her.