git: Find Files Across Commits


Needed to purge files from a repo using  BFG Repo Cleaner   as per Advance Git/ Remove Sensitive Data (at  Need to know that they’re there.  Need to know that they’re gone.

Git Version

git version (Apple Git-48)

Finding File(s)

I’m using the –name-status option in all of these examples because I want to. It provides that status of the file(s) in each commit. Without –name-status, we get only the commits, not the specific file information.

Find a single file with its path. Path is relative to current directory. This can be a little odd if the file has been deleted from the current branch you’re on, since the file won’t be in your working tree, but git still wants the relative path. Maybe it just seems odd to me *shrug*.

git log --follow --name-status -- some/file/path/fileYouWant.ext

Find  a single file, but we don’t know the path. We can glob it!

git log --follow --name-status -- **/fileYouWant.ext

Find all files ending in some extension. Let’s say I want to find all js files in my repo.

git log --follow --name-status -- **/*.js

If nothing else, this will likely help future me!

OS X Mavericks: VirtualBox will not start with Bridged Adapter

Update 16 Oct 2013: VirtualBox 4.3 provides a fix. I’ve tried it out, and it does work although we get some warnings about unknown kernel extensions. See this comment:

I’ve left the trail of progress here in case you can’t upgrade, or just don’t want to …

Update 8 Oct 2013:  Upgrading to OS X Mavericks GM, ran into some more problems, so I’v been issuing:sudo /Library/StartupItems/VirtualBox/VirtualBox  restartto fix it, see also this VirtualBox ticket :

Original Post 2 Oct 2013: Just a quick note on OS X Mavericks, I’m using Developer Preview 8, and the fix provided by theengguy worked for me:

The symptom is that, upon startup, bridged network guest (in my case, both Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04) throw an error (which I forgot exactly what now, but something to do with the network adapter). It’ll run just fine in NAT mode.

Any way, thanks thengguy, solution worked perfectly!