Eagles: Kolb is signed, Training Camp is Go

Isn’t this much more pleasant than reading about dogfighting? Kevin Kolb, upon signing his contract (thus ensuring everyone’s in camp on time): 

“I think the thing I lack right now is consistency in my game because there are a lot of unknowns – the offense, the different mechanics that they’re teaching me,” Kolb said. “I have a long way to go, and I want to consistently get better every day. Hopefully, by the end of training camp, the guys won’t know whenever I step into the huddle because they will have just as much confidence in me as they do with everybody else.”

Though it’s doubtful he’ll have an impact this year – unless pressed into service by injury – he gives us something that until yesterday I hadn’t fully realized:

For the first time in my life as an Eagles fan, we have a team that is Good Right Now and has a Bright Future.

I am optimistic about this year’s team. I don’t care what any pundit says (for example, a lot of them picked the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl). The only and best thing you can do in the NFL is put yourself in a position to compete. Injuries, the bounce of the ball, the bad call here and there, a mistake – these things are out of your control.

I feel confident the Eagles are in control. While I’d have preferred we had a big marquee name like Stallworth, what the heck do I know? After 5 division titles in 6 years, the organization gets a Thank You from me.


Source: Kolb, contract in hand, is eager to get to work | Inquirer | 07/26/2007