Get An Email List Out of Your osCommerce Database

I’ve found it necessary to get an email list out of a few osCommerce stores so that I can export that data to a mailing house.

Please note that this SQL doesn’t look at the customer’s newsletter selection – our external company handles whether or not they wish to receive e-mail from us. So you may have to join the customers table in here.

SELECT DISTINCT customers_company, customers_name, customers_email_address
FROM orders
WHERE date_purchased <= '2008-11-10 23:59:59'
ORDER BY customers_company, customers_name, customers_email_address

It’s probably overkill to have all those fields specified in ORDER BY, but I only have a couple thousand addresses and a big powerful machine. I’m sure MySQL can handle it.

I used phpMyAdmin to execute this query and export to a tab delimited csv.

Why It Takes So Long … to Teach Staff how to Add Product to the New Site

Ready to teach staff how to add product to new site.

  • Run MagneticOne Store Manager.
  • Can’t connect to new server database.
  • Open phpMyAdmin to add new users to database.
  • Connected OK to database.
  • Can’t ftp to new server.
  • Try to X Window in to enable ftp.
  • Xdmcp is not enabled.
  • Enable it.
  • init 3; init 5 on new server
  • PC X Server Client wants to upgrade
  • Download is super slow because…
  • Adobe Reader has unilaterally decided to download an update.
  • Connect MagneticOne to new MySQL database, without ftp for the moment.
  • PC X Server download is finished.
  • Install PC X Server Upgrade.
  • Adobe Reader interrupts me. I let it install first.
  • It doesn’t want to install because it claims I have an instance of Reader running.
  • I don’t. Ctrl-Alt-Del, find the offending process, and kill it.
  • Finish PC X Server Upgrade.
  • Log in to new server, turn on vsftpd
  • Now MagneticOne Store Manager wants to upgrade.
  • I download it.
  • I install it.

Ready to teach staff how to add product to new site.