Flyers go up 3-1 in Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

I had to laugh at myself, at least a little. A comment I’d made here on this blog in 2K6 to the effect that Holmgren and Stevens were not the pair to get the Flyers turned around.

Well, maybe my past self was wrong. I’m happy that I don’t know squat about it.

In any case, the Flyers beat the Canadiens again tonight, and took a 3-1 lead in the series.

Flyers go up 2-1 in Eastern Semi-Final

No thanks to Derian Hatcher, the Flyers are up 2-1 in their 2008 Eastern Conference semi-final againt the Montreal Canadiens.

I haven’t written about the Flyers since the early 2006 season blood-letting which saw the sudden end of the Robert Clarke era.

Biron was exceptional. He’s been in a zone, and he’ll have to stay there if the Flyers are to go deep into this year’s tournament.

Having come off the worst season in franchise history, Paul Holmgren has done a great job of beginning to rebuild this team. We need the younger defensemen to continue to improve. But for now, I’m enjoying this ride.