Hi, I’m Mike and I’m a developer. Of just about any and everything.  php,  Java, Javascript, Ajax, C, C++, Business Basic, blah blah blah. I occasionally write about the dizzying array of computer (mostly software) technology I wrestle. My current job has me working a great deal with Magento, the open source e-commerce package that is really quite extraordinary.

I play bass, piano, guitar and a little bit of harmonica. Very Little. And sing.

I live in Southern New Jersey with my wife Lisa and  son, Trent. My three daughters are grown and out of the house at college or at work (or both): Ashley, Gina and Megan. This was, at one point, a very crowded house.

Please drop a line if you think there’s something in these pages that makes you think I have a clue about something you’re grappling. It helps to have friends out here when it keeps changing every 8 minutes.