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Here I will continue to list the Magento hosting platforms I have personally used and found to work well. As we used to say in the late 90′s “I eat my own dog food.” If you are looking for Magento hosting – or any hosting at all, really – please consider using one of the links below, as a portion of the sale will help fund this site.

This doesn’t mean other hosts wouldn’t work well. This just means these are hosts I’ve used and they do work well.

  • Performance. Magento can be sluggish, and these hosts are tuned to for good performance.
  • Support. Support must be responsive. I’ve used each several times and have been pleased.
  • Price. Competitively Priced.
  • Upgrade Paths. You can start smaller and grow into bigger plans.

If you are unsure of what you need, I can certainly help guide you through – drop me a line. Selecting a host can be daunting for the first time Magento user.

Magento on Nexcess Hosting

The largest site I’m responsible for is running on Nexcess and I’m very pleased. They have a wide range of plans to choose from and are well versed in Magento.

Click here for Magento Hosting

WordPress/ General Web Hosting


This website runs almost exclusively on WordPress. It is hosted at HostRocket. Should you find its performance acceptable, and are looking for a very good hosting solution that is very developer friendly, I encourage you to take a look at HostRocket.

It is my remote development center. I’ve even installed a development version of Magento for myself!

Click here for Web Hosting


Drop me a line to inquire about hosting through WestWideWeb. For small informational sites, light commerce, or blogging, it could prove to be a good value.


WordPress Themes from StudioPress

StudioPress Professionally Designed and Optimized WordPress Themes

Want something a little different and more professional than the average free theme? StudioPress offers professionally designed themes at very reasonable prices.

Click here to visit StudioPress and Select a Theme